The Grand Meeting

In two days, Barcelona is welcoming the last Grand Meeting for the Waterplasma team. After two years of joint research in Spain and Germany, and experiments and tests in Portugal, UK, Romania and also Spain, the project reaches its objectives and comes to its end.

During this meeting, the Waterplama team will meet for the last time and results will be presented. Considering the positive outcome, future commercialisation of the technology is the next step. From now on, companies involved will decide the joint exploitation strategy to fullfil market needs.

By 2013, industries that need to process xenobiotic non-biodegradable pollutants in their industrial wastewaters will have the opportunity to treat them with atmospheric plasma and an advanced oxidation process.

The target specifications of the reactor are:

• Continuous flow operation, able to process up to 250 dm3/h
• Able to oxidize different non-biodegradable recalcitrant compounds, reducing their concentration by 90%.
• Power consumption: 1kW
• Targeted treatment cost: 2 €/m3

If you are interested in the Waterplasma technology, please do not hesitate to contact Ventilaqua, our Team Coordinator. For scientific and technological enquiries, please address yourself to CRIC – Centre for Research and Innovation of Catalonia.

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